The hour glass is no longer looked at as a reliable timepiece, especially these days with atomic clocks which are accurate within micro-seconds at all times. The Sand+Time Watch mixes the design of the hour glass with the modern digital readout.

When the watch is on stand-by, a screensaver featuring a digital hour glass interface is shown. To see clock in real-time, just press a button and the current time is displayed.


Sand+Time Watch Becomes An Hour Glass, Sans Sand


It’s called the Self Stirring Lazy Mug and was created by Plain Lazy to hold your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or other mixed drink, and by pressing the special button on the handle it starts to stir your drink. This means you won’t need a spoon to stir drinks manually and I bet this would soon become your favorite mug.

Some recommend it for coffee, but I’d say it’s not a good idea if you make your coffee in a coffee pot, because it’s not pleasant to feel the coffee remains in your mouth. It could work though if you use a coffee filter.
The mug powers from batteries and keeps your drink warm for a long period of time. It measures 9 x 11 x 11 cm at 0.2Kg.


Mug That Stirs Your Drink at the Press of a Button


Chair design interior : It’s amazing this chair in home living. we can sleep or sit with a design like this cool chair, our comfort will be met. These seats can even be used to relax even a party in the room, I’ve seen this before, but certainly very expensive, maybe I can not buy this cool chair. The picture above actually shows three units put together, each of itself is a circle, able to comfortably seat two people. The Loopita, by designer Victor Aleman, is built from a piece of red oak and covered with high density foam for the seat of pleasure.


It’s amazing this chair in home living


Hang Me Some Tea


If the Hanger Tea were to be submitted as an entry to tea-packaging-awards (if such a thing existed), I say it would win hands down! I can’t think of a better or more obvious way to pack teabags than this hanger & T-shirt design. It’s a funny take on how the simple motion of hanging a used teabag on the rim of your cup, be done. Color-coded for different varieties, the hangers are rather cute and so are the tea-shirts!

Designer: Soon Mo Kang


Hang Me Some Tea





This stylish math wall clock, as seen in the image below, is a great gift idea for a child or adult who loves mathematics and science. In fact, it’s an intriguing clock regardless of your ability to do sums. My own math skills are pretty dire but the contemporary design of this black wall clock is one that appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. For a child who is top of his or her Math class, then this mathematics themed wall clock will be a wonderful addition to their bedroom or home study room.

The math wall clock is made from metal and consists of a series of equations and sums that will make sense to someone of a mathematical nature. These are printed on in white against a black background which creates a sophisticated, modern and precise feel to the clock. It will suit most types of decor schemes in a child’s room and will also be a perfectly respectable time keeping device in an adult’s study room or home library.


Math Wall Clock for Mathematicians of All Ages

Martyr Lamp

The Martyr lamp designed by the UK design group The Play Coalition. It is definitely a lamp “that’s hanging on for dear life”. Fun little concept that would work well in an room that didn’t much in the way of furniture. The only thing that would worry me is that light bulbs can get pretty hot, I wouldn’t recommend this if you had a little kid running around.


Martyr Lamp


This table is quite compact when it is closed, but when it expands it become twice bigger and could give enough places for many persons. The special extension system is very easy to use and allows to save a round shape even in the large version. This round table is available in different kinds of wood finishes and could perfectly decorate any contemporary dining room. For more information about this expandable dining table and other functional models visit Skovby site.


Expandable Dining Table Design from Skovby